We are Africans commited to work for Africa

Africare has been a U.S. based organization for 50 years.  During that time,  Africare has employed and trained countless Africans in international development, established 30+ country offices around the continent and developed home grown expertise on how to deliver results on the ground.

Highlight of Africare programmatic achievements in 2019 : Supported over 2 million beneficiaries,  Provided nutrition services to over 500,000 beneficiaries, including malnutrition screening of over 100,000 children, Served over 150,000 beneficiaries,  served by agriculture and food security programs, Educated over 1,000,000 individuals on key malaria prevention and care practices

Africare’s Sunset, PanAfricare’s Sunrise

Though autonomous of Africare, building on Africare’s 50 year legacy on the continent, Africare’s leadership came together to establish a new independent Pan African organization.  Existing Africare program portfolio and Project pipeline is well-tailored to launch a successful African-based NGO with Local in-country political support.