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Challenge: Many African families, especially in rural areas, heavily rely on women to care for them and provide basic necessities for their survival. Despite the crucial investments women make in households and communities, many women remain at a greater disadvantage because of diverse social factors like cultural taboos, which limit them from accessing finance and assets, have an equal voice to participate in decision making and advocacy. Sub-Saharan women constitute less than a third of the region’s landholders. Women have lower rates of school enrollment at all stages (primary, secondary, and tertiary) when compared to their male counterparts. PanAfricare knows the influential role women play in reviving economies and their role as leaders. For this reason, our activities seek to engage women in the design of activities, encourage their participation in stakeholder committees, provide training on leadership literacy, business and marketing, governance and leadership, access to labor and time-saving equipment, among others.

PanAfricare’s solution: PanAfricare takes a context-specific approach to gender integration, rather than overlaying a single-gender lens to its programs. Leveraging our staff’s knowledge of local cultural values and customs allows for a more nuanced understanding of gender dynamics at the community level. This lays the foundation on which PanAfricare implements a holistic and context-tailored approach to promoting women’s well-being and growth, particularly in terms of health, leadership, and economic empowerment. PanAfricare understands the urgent need to invest in women to support their full participation in the social, economic, and political aspects of their communities. Women as leaders: PanAfricare encourages women to be leaders in all sectors of society. Our activities seek to provide mentorship by other successful women. Women with influence: Our expertise in local cultures allows us to effectively and sustainably influence inequitable gender norms. Women financially empowered: PanAfricare supports women in removing barriers that limit their increasing participation in economic activities.


Challenge: Africa’s youth are at a critical turning point. Africa is experiencing a youth bulge.

Today, youth unemployment is one of the most pressing challenges in Africa. According to the World Bank, youth make up 60% of all of Africa’s unemployed population. While population growth in most areas of the world is projected to slow markedly between 2015 and 2050, Sub-Saharan Africa’s population over this period is projected to double. About 60% of Africa’s population is below the age of 25.

Limited job opportunities will increase the unemployment rate each year. This presents the urgent need to provide jobs that can match skills available.

PanAfricare solution:

 In recognition that improving the equality of access of youth represents an opportunity for African youth to participate meaningfully in the transformation of the continent, PanAfricare invests in the enhancement of African youth’s skills and talents to empower them to participate fully in the social, economic, and political aspects of their societies. This we support by providing capacity-building opportunities and resources, particularly by strengthening life skills and economic /livelihood skills.

PanAfricare’s youth-targeted programs are designed to empower young Africans to:

  • Engage civically and advocate effectively for equity and justice;
  • Play a role in the establishment of and participate in economies that are more inclusive through strategies such as:
  • Identify and assess the existing capacities of youth to meet current and prospective market demands;
  • Develop capabilities of youth entrepreneurs to access opportunities by enabling linkages between existing institutions and private enterprises to identify long-lasting investment opportunities
  • Mentoring and step-by-step coaching growth of youth enterprises;