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What We Do

We are committed to work for Africa

The popular scientific notion called “The Butterfly Effect.” is the idea that small things can cause big changes—the seemingly inconsequential flap of a butterfly’s wing can cause a chain reaction resulting in something as powerful as a hurricane on the other side of the world.

While the Butterfly Effect is chaotic, The PanAfricare Effect is constructive. Just as tiny seeds become lush produce when properly sown and tended, PanAfricare knows how to transform grants, individual donations, and corporate investments, wherever they originate, into sustainable impacts on the African continent. 

The PanAfricare Effect begins by partnering with communities to provide the support they seek. These are the weaving patterns you will see throughout PanAfricare’s integrated approach to community-facing projects. By collaborating to build capacity, PanAfricare equips project participants to carry projects onward and inspire new communities to adopt and extend projects outward.

Just how far can The PanAfricare Effect go? As you discover our organization, like the butterfly wing, you will see the strength of the African voice. PanAfricare’s core expertise in community engagement, empowerment, locally-driven behavior change, and strategic cooperation seeks to empower project participants with the knowledge and tools to achieve a sustainable path to prosperity.

By integrating our core expertise with our technical specialties of Agriculture and Health and Capacity Building, PanAfricare’s projects leverage local resources for under-served communities to solve their development challenges in diverse areas such as building entrepreneurship opportunities, increasing agricultural production in Community Health (Nutrition, HIV, TB, COVID-19, Maternal Health, Malaria), Emergency Response to climatic disasters, Women’s and Youth Empowerment. The diversity of intervention gives PanAfricare the advantage to implement holistic interventions in communities.

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