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In Nigeria – expanding access to health care for rural communities

In Nigeria, PanAfricare is using an mHealth solution for improving malaria diagnostic capacity and real-time data collection. The tool provided real-time data on Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDT) use and results. As a result, Africare discovered over 10% of a particular brand of RDTs had non-functional control strips and were defective. Government has since switched completely to other brands without quality issues.  This has improved accuracy of diagnosis and data, commodity.

PanAfricare also strengthened diagnostics and real-time data capture for malaria: Intervention resulted in almost perfect adherence to diagnosis and treatment guidelines in healthcare workers (100% in Akwa Ibom State, and 98% in Rivers State) from Malaria Project in Nigeria since inception in 2012; and, reduced ACT overuse significantly.

In project RMNCH+A, PanAfricare is providing innovative healthcare solution “CareMother” and training on its use to Nigerian health professionals. CareMother is a digital based healthcare solution that identifies and tracks high risk pregnancies. It consists of a ‘Clinic-in-Box portable kit’.  The box includes digital point-of-care testing devices viz. weighing scale, BP meter, HB meter, Glucose meter, Doppler device, Thermometer, Stethoscope and measuring tape. Another component of CareMother is the android based mobile application that assists the frontline worker as a “decision-support tool”. The innovation is a combination of point of care devices and intelligent software, simplified to be used by the community health workers and doctors for better healthcare delivery at the doorstep


PanAfricare’s Model for Maternal Waiting Homes (MWH): Reducing the delay to seeking maternal care