PanAfricares approach to development places the communities affected by our interventions. These innovations often have to take into account individuals decision making processes that  can change well being.  By applying locally driven behavior change strategies, PanAfricare builds a sense of security , local ownership and empowerment thus  community partners gain greater control over their own future development.


Our many years of experience in project implementation has proven that local  skills, knowledge, and resources facilitate more effective impact to communities.   


PanAfricare’s 100% African project staff knows how to marry respect for tradition with innovation, effectively demonstrating to communities what actions they can take to improve their lives. PanAfricare’s legacy of trust earned through over five decades of work, gained from Africare, on the continent positions us to be great communicators of new knowledge and skills, but the credit for project success should go to our community participants, because they are the ones who drive it.


PanAfricare does not decide what the community should do. Development organizations and donors do not have that right.

PanAfricare supports communities in overcoming problems they identify by empowering communities to lead the change themselves. We provide access to techniques and technologies, but these are only successful if communities voluntarily adopt them.