Africa is rising, and one result of this growth is increased interest among companies around the world in investing on the continent. Faster and faster, the private sector is seeing that healthy, productive African communities are good for business, in addition to being important for their own sake. Partnerships between non-governmental organizations like Pan Africare and the business community offer long-term potential for Africa’s economic development. As the private sector grows, so too does their stake in the well-being and future of their employees and consumers.

PanAfricare selectively partners with the private sector to support programs strengthening local institutions and delivering positive results to communities. Private sector companies have provided diverse resources like skilled human resources, financial resources for community development and tools/ services to complete activities in projects. PanAfricare’s wide-ranging expertise provides strategic opportunities for responsible mining companies to drive sustainable development in the communities they reach.

PanAfricare’s vision for corporate social responsibility looks to create sustainable, mutually beneficial impacts with measurable returns.  

A glimpse of our work on public private partnerships: Working with companies in the mining industry.


Africa holds the majority of the world’s mineral deposits and is a huge opportunity area for the mining sector. For this reason, PanAfricare believes mining enterprises must understand the beliefs of local stakeholders and be willing to cooperatively address shared challenges. While expanding business, mining companies can bring profound long-term benefits to communities by creating employment, transferring skills, enhancing health and education services, improving infrastructure and catalyzing economic development. PanAfricare works to support this cooperation as we believe these private companies and communities can benefit each other